About Me

meHello there and welcome to my blog. My name is Shirley. I am 52, going on 25! I suppose you would like to know a little bit about me. That’s why you’re on my About page, right?

Well, here’s the long and short of it. When my husband died from prostate cancer a few years ago, I took over his cleaning business. It isn’t a huge business, mind you. The company just consists of little old me. But since my kids are all grown up now, I still manage to make enough to provide for my dogs and myself.

Oh, you’re wondering what exactly it is that I do? Grab a chair and I’ll gladly tell you.

As I had mentioned, I own a cleaning business. My clients range from homeowners to businesses. Basically I go to someone’s house or office and clean it. I tidy things up, clean windows, wash floors, scrub tiles, and make bathrooms smell like roses on a rainy summer afternoon. Overall, I make my client’s living or work space look prim. Do people still use the term, “prim”? I can’t keep up with today’s trends. Maybe this will help: #Prim There, did I go viral yet?

What is the purpose of this blog, you ask? Throughout my years of making places look as prim as possible, I’ve learned some tips and tricks that I figured may be useful for other people in the cleaning business or those who just want their homes or offices to look the best that they can.

So join me as I post a collection of cleaning advice. Listen to my words of wisdom and you will gain the knowledge to make your living and working areas spic and span.