Natural Cleaning Remedies

A lot of people really enjoyed my earlier post about environmentally friendly cleaning products. Check it out if you haven’t already. I decided to take it a step further and list some more natural cleaning remedies that you can easily make at home. Let’s get to it! Simple Silver Polish You can easily make your […]

Tips For Dusting Your Home Or Office

Dust. It gets everywhere and seems to appear over night. Where does it come from? What does it want? It wants to claim your furniture as its own. What is the worst part about dust? By far, it is the dust mites. These are nasty little buggers that are so microscopic, they are impossible to […]


Cleaning the Company Office Plus Tips

n addition to maintaining a clean and organized home environment, having a neat and tidy office space is also very important. Not only does it help give your company a professional appearance, but it will also boost productivity. Here are a few steps to get you going. Clear off desk spaces and keep clutter to […]


Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Products

Back in my day (I’m really showing my age now, aren’t I?), we weren’t too concerned about¬†products being “green” or environmentally friendly. But that isn’t because we didn’t care. It is because things weren’t as artificial as they are now. The items we used were more natural and they got the job done. Fast forward […]


Let’s Talk Toilets

Without a doubt, toilets can be the dirtiest, nastiest, and stinkiest things to clean. I do not envy the poor souls who have to clean the restrooms in subways, dive bars, or fast food joints. I could only imagine the nasty messes that are left there. It may be a dirty job, but somebody’s got […]


How To Organize Your Closet

About a decade¬†ago, I was at my nephew’s house for an extended family reunion. My aunt Ruth, who was up in her years, was asking why there were rainbow flags in every room. Being the oldest person in the house, she was the only one who didn’t know that my nephew was gay. My sister […]


How To Clean Windows

Whether in your home or in your office, windows have a way of becoming filthy over time. Here are a few tips to keep your windows so clean, that birds will constantly fly into them.* Which unfortunately means that you’ll have to clean them again. But that’s the circle of cleaning. How to clean windows […]