Let’s Talk Toilets

Without a doubt, toilets can be the dirtiest, nastiest, and stinkiest things to clean. I do not envy the poor souls who have to clean the restrooms in subways, dive bars, or fast food joints. I could only imagine the nasty messes that are left there.

It may be a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. If you are reading this, then unfortunately it likely will be you. But if the toilets in your home or office aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, then in time, they will become just as bad as the public toilets that I just mentioned.

Let’s get our hands dirty, shall we? Figuratively, of course. Not literally. That being said, now is a good time to recommend investing in some durable rubber gloves.


Start off by spraying the toilet with a powerful bathroom cleaner like Scrubbing Bubbles Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner. You need to spray EVERYTHING! The top, bottom, inside, outside, over the seat, under the seat, on the base, the handle, and everywhere in between.

Let it sit for about ten minutes so that it can work its cleaning and disinfecting magic. Then take a microfiber cloth or some paper towels and wipe your way from the top to the bottom. Do not reuse the cloth or paper towels for anything else because that’s just nasty.

Now to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. In order to remove toilet bowl rings or leftover “splatter matter,” you will need something strong to scrub it with. But before you use any old toilet bowl brush, consider using one that is made from pumice. Pumice is a type of volcanic rock that has many natural uses. One of which is the ability to remove tough stains with scratching surfaces. Obviously, you’ll want to find a pumice scrubbing brush with a long handle. For that, I would recommend the Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover.

Having raised a boy, I can tell you that their aim isn’t always the greatest. Neither was my husband’s, to be honest. Any drips or drops that are found on the toilet seat, around the base, or anywhere else they may end up should be cleaned up sooner rather than later. This will prevent staining and the development of nasty odors. Use the same steps listed above with the bathroom cleaner spray to make the collateral damage disappear.

Better yet, teach your boys (or husband) to clean up after themselves. My rule for the bathroom is this:

If you sprinkle while you tinkle,

Be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.

You don’t need to dread cleaning the toilet. Instead, the germs should dread you!